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Tips & tricks to simplify your life, from gift-giving to party planning and beyond. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from TaskAlexis - your personal taskmaster.

Tips to simplify your life

Gift Giving Year Round

If you spent the past few months scouring websites and searching through stores looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list, you may be moving in to January with a sigh of relief. I myself entered into the holiday season with over 30 people on my list to purchase gifts for – everyone from my son’s and daughter’s teachers, to my hairstylist and manicurist to babysitters and business vendors - and this is before all of the family gifts.

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Jonathan FishmanComment
Expanding Services: find it, sell it, get it done!

After almost 13 years in business, I am so excited to show off our new website, and more importantly, share our expanded service offerings!  For those of you who don’t know, I started TaskAlexis as an eBay consignment store, after my mother opened a similar business years prior and taught me the ropes. I was so fascinated by the power of online retail, and immediately started helping my friends sell their designer purses, vintage fashions and accessories.  Before I knew it, TaskAlexis was born, and business was growing!

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