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Alexis Fishman is a New York native who resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and two children. Alexis credits her time in the city (15+ years) and her kids for her connections and vast knowledge of services and providers.

She started TaskAlexis as an eBay consignment store, after her mother opened a similar business years prior and taught Alexis the ropes. She was so fascinated by the power of online retail, and immediately started helping her friends sell their designer purses, vintage fashions and accessories.  Before she knew it, TaskAlexis was born, and business was growing!

Over a decade later, Alexis feels smarter, stronger and savvier than ever before. These life events have certainly changed her perspective on things, but also helped her understand all day-to-day trials and tribulations that everyone else is juggling in the City.

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Finding it, selling it, or getting it done - TaskAlexis is here to help simplify your life and make more time for yourself.



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