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The finder service from TaskAlexis helps residents of the NYC Metro Area & beyond find rare & discontinued items, including handbags, jewelry & furniture.

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TaskAlexis is well equipped to offer service and provider recommendations within New York City and surrounding areas, and product suggestions and purchasing globally.

Looking for a vintage furniture piece, a sought-after designer bag, a discontinued skin serum, or a nanny in a new city? The right baby nurse, pediatrician, dog walker or hair colorist? Finding that coveted luxury product or niche service provider takes hours—and can leave you wondering if you made the right choice.

With TaskAlexis, you can rest assured, as we’ll take over the hunt, authenticating products, checking reviews and referrals, and often even personally using the product or service, so you always be confident you made the right decision.

TaskAlexis emphasizes value and takes all of your needs into consideration when making recommendations. Both product and service provider recommendations are made by Alexis herself, and with two children, she understands the importance of feeling comfortable and confident with the products you put in your home, and with who you select to assist and care for you and your family.

TaskAlexis can offer recommendations for services and providers in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area, and can provide product recommendations and purchasing services globally.

How it works

  • Step 1: Contact TaskAlexis for a free consultation

  • Step 2: We will review your needs and provide a customized plan just for your needs.

  • Step 3: Contact Alexis directly via text or email as needed

  • Step 4: TaskAlexis will provide suggestions and/or recommendations within the pre-determined and agreed upon time frame.

 All of our service plans are completely tailored for each individual client.

Let us be your digital navigator.